Bringing Gene Therapy to the Masses

Many diseases have known genetic medicine treatments, but lack a delivery vehicle that can bring those systems to the affected tissues and cells

Today's viral and non-viral delivery vehicles haven't solved this

AAVs and LNPs are inefficient, unsafe, low capacity, and can't target tissues that aren't the liver: 

Because of their limitations, these treatments are mostly limited to rare disease and are the most expensive therapies ever made. A better approach is needed. 

STAR Vectors: Solving Gene Delivery

We are developing novel Synthetic Targeted (STAR) Vectors for systemic delivery with High Tissue Tropism,  Low Immunogenicity, Larger Payloads, and No Liver Sink

STAR Vectors: 

Precise targeting without compromising manufacturability 

Highly modular, rapid development of different targets and payloads 

This enables us to treat millions of patients who have prevalent and untreatable diseases across numerous therapeutic areas


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